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Zero Waste Goals

I kind of stumbled into the zero waste movement for the strangest of reasons. I was trying to get rid of my period cramps. After I fell down the google black hole of searching and clicking links I was now enlightened.

I was going to invest in cloth pads.

This was the most amazing thing I have done so far! It’s been about three years since I switched and can now have a zero waste period. I feel more comfortable when I am on my period. I haven’t stained my sheets since switching and I have learned a lot about how my period works for myself.

Now the next step for me is to eliminate the other wastes that I produce. I didn’t want to get overwhelmed and I wanted to still have an impact. So I have outlined what I plan on doing next to waste less and eventually reach zero waste, or close to it.

Here are my goals, that I am going to achieve one by one:

  • Bring Cloth Bags with me to the grocery store
  • Cloth wipes for the bathroom
  • Shop at a farmers market and bulk store near me
  • Use Lush products (they are very vegan and recycle their black pots and use them again. Also have the charity pot lotion, that I love.)

I obviously can’t conquer the world in one day. But by achieving these little steps and then setting myself up with more steps afterward, I really think I can make a difference.

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I Wish I Didn’t Need A Phone Number

I have switched phone plans continuously for the past three years. I got a job and decided to get whatever phone I wanted. I also decided I could switch devices when I needed to anytime.

All this has taught me is that I wish I didn’t have a phone number.

I hardly use the phone for text or call. Very little for actual calling. I don’t text me my friends a lot and I always end up using facebook messenger with my best friend. It works best, we both have great data service, and I can see when she actually reads the message.

I currently pay about $45 dollars a month to AT&T prepaid for their services. Guess what? It sucks! I can’t even get text messages for whatever reason right now. I’m using facebook and snapchat to communicate with people when I need to.

I hate it. I wish I could have my phone number completely run on data or have a data only plan. With the data only plan I could use IM and social media to communicate like how I am doing now. The calling feature could be optional or not required.

The perfect plan for me would be a small basic flip phone for calls and then a smart phone that I can connect to data on its own. Or find a way to just make calls on data instead so that I’m not paying for something that does not work.

What would your ideal plan be? Do you actually need to have a phone number? Do you text constantly? Let me know below what you think!

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The Perfect Journal

I have been using a planner since I was in elementary school. I have kept a journal for even longer.

There was once a time where I kept up a journal for years straight, writing in it religiously. The journal was a pretty pink notebook that had flowers on it. I loved that notebook and didn’t just write personal entries. I wrote funny fictional stories. At one point I developed a story about two twin sisters. One was a superhero and one was a supervillain, but they got their powers at the same time. I wrote chapters of it.

The story never went anywhere but I was able to express myself in a place that didn’t receive judgment from others.

The planner was a completely separate thing for me. I wrote homework assignments and other school related things in the planner. I never really kept it up it until I got to college. I actually found a planner that was formatted horizontally with the hours of each day displayed. I loved using a planner for the first time ever.

I eventually found the bullet journal system. It is very popular now but I think when I was in college it wasn’t a trend like right now. I took his systems and did things simply. I was a music major so I always had something to do.

I wrote detailed days or even went days without adding much to it. But it helped clear my head during my busy days.

Eventually I tried to move past that type of journaling. I tried binders and regular planners. I have even since used a passion planner; which I highly recommend for college students. None of these other things quite added up though.

I either had a planner that I couldn’t take notes in or a binder that I couldn’t plan in. I have discovered that I am too lazy to keep up a binder. I am also increasingly aware of the fact that I consume and waste paper that is not helping the earth.

I am now going back to the basics while also being more conscious of the environment. I will be buying a simple notebook that is either made from recycled materials or it can be 100% recycled or composted. I am no longer going to keep notebooks half empty.

I am simply going to do the bullet journal system in my notebook so that I can keep everything in one place. I was making things too complicated before. I had tried to have separate notebooks or a binder with dividers and it never worked. I would always end up not using it.

Now this new way of thinking I will have an easier routine and not waste as much paper.